Enhancing the visitor experience with free Wi-Fi at the RAF Museum Cosford

24th November 2016

Enhancing the visitor experience with free Wi-Fi at the RAF Museum Cosford The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford is now offering visitors free Wi-Fi across its entire site thanks to a generous donation from the Aerospace Museum Society.

The £10,000 donation from the Aerospace Museum Society has contributed towards the costs of purchasing the equipment and infrastructure required to roll out a free Wi-Fi service to visitors. The new instillation is part of the museums plans to enhance its physical exhibitions with digital content, allowing visitors to learn more about the aircraft and artefacts on display through easy access to its website.

Earlier this year, public Wi-Fi was installed in the museum’s Visitor Centre and has since proved popular with visitors and corporate clients alike. After proving to be a success, plans were then put into place to offer the service in each of the museum’s hangars. Following rigorous bench-testing the system has now been switched on enabling visitors to stay connected throughout their visit with a reliable Wi-Fi system.

So whether you’re ‘checking in’ on arrival, researching aircraft online, or posting selfies with the Spitfire - the new Wi-Fi enables visitors to browse the museum’s website as well as update their social media instantly and share their experiences online with friends and family.

RAF Museum Cosford Assistant Director, Paul Pomfret said:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Aerospace Museum Society for their generous donation. Their contribution towards the project has enabled us to roll out the service earlier than anticipated, meaning visitors can now explore our digital archives at the same time they are discovering our physical objects.”

RAF Museum Cosford IT Support Specialist, Simon Humphries said:

“Installing a public Wi-Fi system across such a large site with multiple buildings was challenging, however we are delighted to have it up and running ahead of schedule. Over the next two years the museum will be developing digital content for the centenary of the RAF in 2018 to further enhance our visitors’ experience. Wi-Fi will allow visitors easier and faster access to this information whilst on site.”

To access the museum’s Wi-Fi, visitors can simply search for the network on arrival using their mobile devices and after accepting the museum’s terms and conditions of use, they are then free to start exploring the museum’s collection on-line via the museum’s website.

The museum is open daily from 10am to 4pm and entry to the museum is FREE of charge. For further information please visit www.rafmuseum.org/cosford