Tackling the guerrillas of Oman is focus of museum lecture

11th August 2016

Tackling the guerrillas of Oman is focus of museum lecture For more than two decades a series of counterinsurgency operations were fought in the Sultanate of Oman on the South-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The military action taken against the activities of guerrillas in these regions will be the focus of the next Cold War Lunchtime Lecture held at the Royal Air Force Museum Cosford later this month. The lecture entitled ‘The RAF and Counterinsurgency Warfare in Oman during the Cold War’ will be presented by Dr Ross Mahoney, Aviation Historian at the RAF Museum on Friday 19 August at 12.30pm.

This forthcoming lecture is the third in the new series of lectures launched earlier this year, which each cover a different topic related to the Cold War. During this next lecture, Ross will discuss two major counterinsurgency campaigns fought in the Sultanate of Oman from the early 1950s through to the mid-1970s and how air power played a vital role in defeating the revolutionaries. Up for discussion will be the campaign fought against an uprising in the Jebel Akhdar during the 1950s and the campaign conducted in the Dhofar region against insurgents supported by Yemen which ran for just over a decade.

The role of air power during this period ranged from strike operations, such as the role played by BAC Strikemasters at the Battle of Mirbat in 1972, through to the support of ‘hearts and minds’ operations using helicopters and light aircraft. Based on research undertaken for the RAF Museum’s exhibition on the relationship between the Royal Air Force and Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) at its London site, this lecture will explore the origins of these campaigns, the role of air power in supporting their conduct and the formation of the Sultan of Oman’s Air Force. Finally, the lecture will consider the development of relations between the RAF and RAFO, after the end of the Dhofar War through to the present day.

RAF Museum Aviation Historian, Ross Mahoney said:

“It gives me great pleasure to be delivering one of the Museum’s Cold War lunchtime lectures at Cosford. The lectures, which form part of our research programme, are a significant activity for the Museum. Additionally, the opportunity to lecture on research undertaken for one of our exhibitions is important as it allows us to examine further the RAF's role in this region of the world and the impact the Service has had on the development of air forces around the globe.”

The Cold War lunchtime lectures form part of the RAF Museum's Research Programme for 2016. ‘The RAF and Counterinsurgency Warfare in Oman during the Cold War’, is the third of four lectures taking place at Cosford this year. The programme also consists of the Trenchard Lectures in Air Power Studies and the First World War in the Air Lunchtime Lectures, which are held at the University of Wolverhampton, the Royal Aeronautical Society in London and the RAF Museum in London respectively.

This FREE lecture will be held in the RAF Museum’s National Cold War Exhibition lecture theatre at 12.30pm on Friday 19 August. As spaces are limited, organisers advise visitors to book their tickets in advance via the museum’s website to avoid disappointment.

For further information about the museum's research programme or to book your FREE ticket to the lecture, please visit the museum website The museum is open daily from 10am and entry to the museum is FREE of charge.