The PokéStops here!

20th July 2016

The PokéStops here! The RAF Museum Cosford is overrun with Pokémon Go characters and facilities!

The RAF Museum Cosford is known for its legendary aircraft collection but alongside these iconic exhibits it now houses 11 PokéStops, a PokéGym and numerous characters from the game that has taken over the world!

Visitors to the museum are invited to step into the digital world to help catch characters like Ghastly, Drowzee, Rhyhorn, Pidgeotto, Eevee and Weedle to name but a few! With Lures popping up across the site on a daily basis, it’s making life easier for gamers who have ‘gotta catch ‘em all’.

The museum has a PokéGym directly in front of the Lockheed Hercules aircraft, displayed outdoors in the museum grounds, which this weekend will be the centre of the Cosford Food Festival. There are also a total of 11 PokéStops where you will find some of the rarer characters, located at key points around the site, inside each of the hangars and next to external aircraft displays including the Bristol Britannia and the Hawker Siddeley Hunter. PokéStops are usually placed on locations of interest or tourist spots and are popular attractions for players as they deliver items such as PokéBalls (to catch other Pokémon), Potions and Revives (to heal or revive a fainted Pokémon) and are integral to the game.

RAF Museum Cosford Public Relations Executive, Michelle Morgans said:

“Since Pokémon Go launched in the UK last week, we have noticed a number of visitors playing the game here at Cosford; as a free museum, they are most welcome to come and search for their favourite characters! Pokémon’s have been popping up across the site and we are discovering new ones every day.”

Keen player and RAF Museum Cosford Apprentice, Jack Rogers said:

“I have been playing Pokémon for close 14 years and I have never been so happy seeing so many people enjoying and interacting with one another. The museum is such a nice environment for the game, being able to enjoy both the museum and a great destination to play Pokémon Go, if anybody wishes to challenge the gym here at Cosford, you’ll have to get through me!”

With the summer holidays just around the corner, the museum is anticipating lots of their younger visitors will be engrossed by the Pokémon phenomenon during their visit, as well as being amazed by the striking aircraft displays. The museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm and admission is FREE meaning players can have hours of fun throughout the summer catching the adorable little monsters.