Campers Swapping Tents for Caravans and Motorhomes

12th July 2012

Caravan dealership Salop Leisure has proved the old saying that every cloud has a silver lining - and there has certainly been plenty of clouds so far this summer!

With the UK suffering under a deluge of rain, many holidaymakers have traded in their waterlogged camping equipment and mud for the comfort of a touring caravan or motorhome, which still give them the freedom to holiday whenever and wherever they wish.

To make things easier for campers, Salop Leisure is taking their tents in part-exchange for a touring caravan, motorhome or even a luxury caravan holiday home. For those hardy souls that have not been put off by the rain, the company also has a small range of Royal tents on offer.

“We have noticed a massive increase in touring caravan and motorhome sales this summer to people who have previously enjoyed camping holidays for many years,” said Salop Leisure’s chairman Tony Bywater.

“Because of the continuous rain, people have decided to upgrade to more comfortable accommodation that is weather proof but still gives them the freedom to go on holidays and short break anywhere and any time they wish.

“We are happy to help their transition by taking tents in part-exchange. Despite the weather, people still like to escape to the countryside or seaside where there are plenty of things to do even when it’s wet.”

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