British Food Four Weeks at Maynard's

9th July 2012

British Food Four Weeks at Maynard's A finance specialist in the motor trade, went on to supervise the team at Rick Stein's bakery section - a complete career change! We are now fortunate enough to have this high skilled artisan baker, baking for us in Shropshire.

Craig the Baker

Craig Sandiford has just started baking at Maynard's on the A49 at Prees Green. Craig's craftsmanship combined with a newly installed wood burning oven - is producing fabulous artisan bread and pastries. All products are using 100% British flour; products include the Pimhill Boule using local Pimhill Stoneground Wholemeal flour and Moyden's butter with the indulgent addition of black treacle. The Seeded Wholemeal Boule has a delicious crunch from the sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds.          

Tasting Thursdays

The wood burning oven at Maynard's

From 12th July until 9th August, every Thursday, Craig will be baking samples for everyone to taste - to be enjoyed with some sizzling Maynard's bacon. Maynard's is adding to its reputation as a master curer with Craig the artisan baker - another tasty reason to visit Maynard's. There will be special packs available to take home, including selections of bread and bacon, competitions to win supplies of both and also the chance to learn how to bake bread, make sausages and prepare bacon.

Maynard's Farm Shop

Rob Cunningham from Maynard's, commented; "British Food Fortnight presents an opportunity each year to showcase your products and skills. This year we felt that we had many new experiences at Maynard's, so we have created a 'British Food Four Weeks'.

Artisan Crafts at Maynard's

If you would like to learn more, Rob and Craig will be sharing their skills with you in their master-craft classes. You can learn to make bread and sausages, prepare a pig for curing or a combination of everything in the newly opened converted barn at Maynard's - where these courses will be held on a regular basis.

Craig Sandiford, the baker, said; "Rob and I hope that customers will come and enjoy what we can produce but also be inspired to learn more about our artisan crafts. We want to help people to really understand where their food comes from and exactly how it is prepared. Bacon, sausage and bread - what more could you want!"